New Student Tips

New to yoga? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Bring a mat.  We have some that you can rent and others that you can purchase. We strongly suggest that you own your own mat and bring it with you to practice for sanitary reasons.
  • Bring a towel.  You will sweat!
  •  Bring water or a water bottle.  Drink lots of water before, during and after practice. We sell water bottles at the studio, or bring your own.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to check-in and get settled.  There will not be someone at the front desk  to let you in 5 minutes after class start time.
  • Turn off cell phones, beepers and other electronic devices before class.
  • Eat something light at least one hour before class.
  • The studio is kept at between 90 and 95 degrees. Take Child’s Pose at any time during the practice if you get tired or winded.
  • Take modifications if you need to.
  • Let your teacher know if you have any injuries at the beginning of class so that we can work together to ensure that you have a safe practice.
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and moves freely. Workout or yoga clothing is appropriate.
  • Avoid all cotton clothing as it sticks to your body as you sweat.
  • Do not wear strong perfume, cologne or other strong scent to class.
  • Grab a block and strap when you come into the studio.
  • Come with an open mind and willingness to try something new
  • Give yourself 5 to 10 classes to get used to the practice.
  • Breathe!  Your teacher will talk you through inhales and exhales for each posture- do your best to follow these cues.