"Our yoga clothing boutique meets the need for high quality clothes and accessories designed specifically for the practice of hot power vinyasa yoga." Christine Aspen

Our Boutique

The Jersey Shore’s Destination for Premier Yoga Clothing & Accessories

We only carry the best brands. These are the clothes and accessories that yoga studio owners and teachers wear and use.  This stuff works.

How the right clothes support your practice.

There really is a difference between yoga clothing and other exercise wear. Yoga clothes allow for a full range of motion for your different joints and body parts. This is critical in a physical practice that twists, bends and stretches your body in every manner possible.

They are form fitting to allow a teacher to see your alignment and to prevent your top from falling over your head while you are in an inversion. Yoga clothes are meant to feel somewhat snug. They are made out of performance, hi-tech fabrics that wick away sweat. This is critical. You don’t want to be doing yoga in a sopping wet cotton t-shirt for an hour.

Our Brands

Yoga Clothing
  • Liquido
  • Manduka
  • Chattra
  • Zohba
  • Om Shanti
  • Onzie
  • Hyde
  • Drishti Power Yoga Wear
Yoga Mats

We sell Manduka mats.  These mats are durable and come with a lifetime warranty.

Non-Skid Yoga Towels

We feature non-skid yoga towels by Yogi Toes and Manduka.  Using a non-slip yoga towel is the best way to keep traction on your mat. Silicone, earth-friendly “nubs” do the gripping for you. These towels works better the wetter they get.


From the Yoga Sutras to Journey into Power, an excellent primer on this practice, we hand select yoga texts that are informational, motivational and fun to read.

Yoga Jewelry

Check out our cool selection of yoga-inspired jewelry and mala beads.

Meditation Cushions

Our cushions feature handmade covers and are filled with buckwheat hull. In selecting a cushion you want one that will not sag, is high enough so that your knees are below your hips and is comfortable.

Yoga Accessories

We also offer Mat bags and straps, branded water bottles, yoga headbands and blocks.

We welcome your input into the products you’ve experimented with. We get new shipments in all the time so check out the boutique frequently.